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arrived and it is pretty crazy here.

so arrived at 2.30 in the morning, i spotted my driver with a sign with my name on it amongst the huge crowd.

driving involves cutting in front of people, pushing from behind and a lot of tooting and flashing lights at trucks as push by. and red lights seem to not mean much… cool!

Majukatila - Tibetan colony in Dehli

in Mojulatila – a quiet little Tibetan colony, a lot of stalls, monks & nuns and guys just sitting around some with prayer wheels reciting the tibetan prayers

dropped off a 7 kg bag from Pema Lama (in sydney) to his mate who is working at a hostel here.

had tibetan bread and tibetan butter tea (with salt) for brekkie, yum

so feeling at home but is all really surreal and dream like …

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  1. hey kimbo, glad you arrived safely and good to know if they ever let you drive over there, you would fit right in!!
    yay you made it to the land of the moo cows – im so proud of you babe, go have lots of fun, you deserve the most wonderful of times full of love & smiling people and happiness… xxxx K

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