Dear friends,

To celebrate the festive season we thought it would be nice to gather together and do a Tsok (Circle Gathering Feast Offering) practice together in the next coming Guru Rinpoche day, a powerful astrologically significant day, which conveniently falls on Saturday 22nd December. A short explanation to the practice will be given before the practice

Time & Date: Sat 22nd Dec 2012, 11 am. Try and arrive earlier to give yourself time to have a cuppa and relax a bit after the drive

What to bring: Some food or drink to offer & share. Customarily an assortment of food, alcohol and meat is offered.

Place: Raupo Bay Retreat. 110 McHales Rd, Chorlton, Banks Penninsula. Ph: 03 304 8730

Bring walking shoes & togs if you are keen to go down to the beach after and have a dip.

“All practices on the path to buddhahood are methods for gathering the accumulations of merit and wisdom and for purifying our obscurations. These two processes of accumulation and purification go hand in hand; as we accumulate more merit and wisdom, our obscurations automatically diminish.

As we mentioned earlier, the Secret Mantra Vajrayana features countless skilful and powerful methods which, if they are practised in the proper way, can make the process of accumulation and purification incredibly swift and direct. One such method is the practice of tsok, which is primarily a practice of offering. It is not just a practice of offering however; it is also a powerful method for purifying our samaya. Sometimes it is said that the best method for purifying samaya is the fire offering, and tsok practice is the ‘inner fire offering.’ Tsok is a very rich practice with many layers of meaning, and it can be practised on various levels. It is said that as ordinary beings we are only able to imitate the real tsok practice, which is performed by the dakas and dakinis.

The Sanskrit word for tsok practice is ganachakra, which in Tibetan is ཚོགས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ་ tsok kyi khorlo. The word ཚོགས་, tsok means ‘an accumulation’ or ‘a gathering, an assembly or group’, and the word འཁོར་ལོ་, khorlo literally means ‘wheel.’ So the literal translation is something like ‘wheel of accumulation.’ According to the great master Jamgön Kongtrul, this term relates to the inner level of tsok practice, and the generation of vast ‘gatherings’ of bliss that are like ‘wheels’ which cut through the web of our deluded thoughts and tainted emotions.” ref Rigpa wiki