So thought I would try to write small updates on this website here about my pilgramige tour to Nth India and Nepal, that way could include some photos too. Well thats the good intention anyway so see how it goes.

I leave NZ on the 13th of November to visit Sam & Maddie in Sydney and then on the 20th of November I fly to Dehli. I arrive there at 2.20 am but have arranged for a driver from the hostel where I have booked to come and pick me up, great! Otherwise was slightly hesistant in arriving to Dehli as have heard all the stories about getting swamped by taxi drivers demanding they take me some where…. but no now don’t have to worry about that, I am sure it all will go according to plan 🙂 The hostel I booked is Wongden House located in the new Tibetan colony district of Dehli, Ron suggested to go there and would feel like home. So I look forward to some mo mo’s…..

Anyways now lets see if I can work out how to use this blogging thingy me jiggy … till later