I have a few on my list of Lama’s that I would really like to meet, and by chance within 3 days I very nearly met 3 of them…. it was a fun adventure.

I go to Sundarijal, about 20 mins from where I was staying in Boedha. There there is the monestry of Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche. I go into the office and introduce myself and ask to meet with Khetsun Sanpo Rinpoche. They sit me down, chat for a while and I meet some students who new Ron from his days in Misourie, India and I show them a few photos of our place in New Zealand. Then they say sorry Kim but Rinpoche passed away 1 week ago… It was a surprise. .. He had problems with the kidney, at 90 years old and was sick for around 2 weeks. He spent 2 days in meditation and then left. They said I can go to the room where they have the body kept in a box (upright as is still in meditation posture). They leave it there while they do some pujas (ceremonies) and decide what to do with the body. When a great Lama dies it is a very special thing indeed. It is not really like they are not there anymore, as I discussed with his students over lunch afterwards, it is more like they are everywhere. And when I was in the room with this Lama that had just recently died, you could really feel something like that, it is pretty convincing of something that is not an ordinary death. Really interesting.

nuns cleaning the inside of the monestary

Then by chance when speaking to one old yogi from Sth Africa that was at the monestry, I asked if he knew the whearabouts of Thinley Norbu Rinpoche (the eldest son of Dujom Rinpoche, head of the Nyingma school). He said, yes well he is actually now in Parping (Nth of Kathmandu), so I jumped on the bus and off I went. The Ani Gompa (nunnery) where he had been giving teahings was totally exquisite, with bright chandelies, huge golden statues and fine detailed Tibetan artwork on the walls. I stayed for 2 nights and joined in to the nightly puja with the many people who had gatherd there. But alas Rinpoche had come down from where he was working upstairs for teachings the previous week and then had gotten a flu so did not come down for the pujas. I talked at length though to his American wife, whom also remembers Ron well and made some offerings to Rinpoche through her in the customary manner.

Then again by chance I was talking to some students there and they told me they were working at the house of 96 year old famous Dzogchen master H.H. Chatrul Rinpoche, also in Parping. Rinpoche is now too old and does not meet anybody, but his daughter, Semo Saraswati-La, is a well respected teacher in her old right and met her, made offerings and showed her my photos of NZ. She liked the pictures of our flowers and asked for some seeds as she has a lovely garden there. So will get some delivered to her.

So was very inspiring time anyway even if I did not actually meet these teachers in person, some connection was made and it was a pretty cool wee adventure…