arrived in KIBI (Karmapa International Buddhist Institute) yesterday, everyone is busy painting the intricate symbols and pictures on the outside of the large temple. 

I bumped into Sharmapa (the red hat lama of tibet, he holds the Kagyu lineage after the Karmapa passes and then recognises the next Karmapa) he remembered me from a time when he stayed at the London centre and said come by at 10 this morning, so I did and we had a nice chat 🙂 he said he likes kiwi people we are very easygoing. He will start a Boddhipath centre in Auckland. He also told me how he was in Auckland and at that time the people took him to the hill where when the Maori die they turn back and pay respects to their ancestors and then pass on, something like that anyway, he knows more about it than I do so someone can enlighten me on the details!

Then also a personal meeting with H.H.Karmapa have not seen him in a few years and seems stronger and more powerful energy. Gave him one of Rons hand made little buddha statues, he said was lovely, is very good merit to make them and was pleased.

so cool to meet these impressive masters for blessing for good trip