Ngagpa Tenpa is a Tibetan refugee living in Melbourne, he is currently doing a Chö retreat in the gompa here.Chö (Wyl. gcod) (literally ‘cutting’), is known as the mendicants accumulation of merit.

“It is a practice, based on the prajnaparamita, involving a visualization in which the physical body is offered as food to various guests, including evil forces or dangerous spirits, the purpose of which is to destroy or ‘cut’ the four maras and especially one’s own ego-clinging.” – ref: Rigpa wiki

The practice involves using a dhamaru (hand drum) moving in double time and a bell moving in single time. Also the thigh bone trumpet for calling the spirits to invite them to the offering. Have a look at the short video we made below.

The term Ngagpa refers to practicitioners (Ngagmo for feminine) whom wear a white robe over their shoulder and leave there hair uncut. Devoting significant time to retreat, they may live as a lay householder rather than a renunciate monk.

Ngagpa Tenpa will be here for a few more days, you can come out here and meet him if you have time.