Date and time: Sunday 7th July, 10 am

Location: 269 Mt Pleasant Rd, Mount Pleasant Christchurch. Please come to the room underneath the house (the main house is a rental), go down the bottom driveway and follow the pathway.

The session will include time for questions and will be followed by lunch. Please bring something for lunch to share – note we have limited kitchen facilities here, so something simple would be best. There will be a donation bowl in the room if you would like to contribute towards Jose de Urgyen`s book expenses.

About Jose de Urgyen

JoseJose de Urgyen has been practicing and researching into Buddhism for around 35 years. He spent many years traveling in India, particularly around the Himalayan region where he diligently pursued his study and practice going through all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Jose de Urgyen devoted immense energy into researching, contemplating on and finding the locations of secret spiritual places relating to Padmasambhava. He journeyed to special places to practice in the ancient land of Uddiyana and found where the great master and founder of the Vajrayana – Padmasambhava himself was born, this is where he got his spiritual name Urgyen, in a blessed dream from Padmasambhava.

After completing his research he met HH Dalai Lama and his personal assistant and translator Geshe Lhakdor whom asked him to compose the book of his research and present it back to HH Dalai Lama. After spending 5 years in retreat in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India meditating and writing the book, he came to NZ where he continues his writing.

In order to sponsor the book and his necessities he is working at his trade – stone masonry and in some creative art projects.