Have just jotted down this travel plan to my family. Mostly this is meant to be a “spiritual pilgrimige” in Vajrayana (diamond way or thunderbolt vehicle) Buddhism everything seems to be defined on 3 levels: outer, inner & secret. So on the outer level this will be a visit to Buddhist pilgrimige spots, innerly by taking the teachings from the head to the heart by holding the “highest view” and through meditation retreats, and secret – where I meet teachers and get instructions or maybe have some “ah ha” experiences, momments of little realisations…

Arrive Sydney Fri 13th Nov at 4.40 pm, stay with brother Sam & his girlfriend Maddie depart Sydney 19th Nov at 4.55 pm

Arrive Dehli 2.20 am on 20th Nov. Getting picked up from the airport by a driver from the hotel I have booked at mojukatela- the tibetan colony in Dehli stay 1 night there
Stay few days at KIBI in dehli – Karmapa International Buddhist Institute
Go with them to Bodgaya (where Buddha attained enlightenment) for the Kagyu Moenlam 26 Nov – 1 Dec, a meeting with all the great teachers of the Karma kagyu lineage, to pray for world peace 🙂

Go to Bodhanath, Nepal stay at Shechen Monestary guest house 2 – 13th Dec there I will:

  • Go to retreats with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and his brother at Nagi gompa.
  • Go and seek out 96 year old Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche living up the valley somewhere.
  • And go to some of the places outlined in my book – Buddhist power places of Kathmandu valley seek out other “scientific” explanations of how yogis managed to leave handprints on rocks for my father Noel… he seems unconvinced with the fact that yogi’s can just do these things!

16th Dec meet up with one of my best friends Kiriana aka “Daisy Girl” back in dehli… thats where all the trouble starts!
We will go to see the Taj Mahal, ride camels in the desert, will be doing a Ngondro (preliminary practices) retreat over Christmas and NY at Deer Park we have 2 missions that we have accepted:
1) deliver a camera from Pema Lama (to be collected in Sydney) to his sister in Dharamasala
2) go to Ron’s cave and see the nuns living there now and check if the electricity is still all working ok that he installed (and find the footprint left by a yogi on a nearby rock – actually this is the instruction on how to find the cave) then likely to visit varanasi and a few places around there. Then Kiriana goes home mid Jan.

I stay in Bodgaya for Nyingma Moenlam (meeting of the great teachers of Nyingma lineage) 16 – 23 Jan.

Then other planned events to make:
Lama Ole is teaching at KIBI, Dehli 24 – 26th Jan

Dzongsar Kyentse Rinpoche teaching at Deer Park, Bir 26 Feb – 1st Mar

Karmapa teaching at KIBI, Dehli 4 – 10th Mar

So that is the rough plan but am told when in India must go with the flow and expect the unexpected so lets see what happens…

There are other people to meet and places to go mostly around Nth India and will write about it all as I go, depending on how the internet connection is…

Kim xo